Park Central

Richmond, VA

Park Central is a 100 acre mixed office and office/service development. Located in the heart of Henrico County, Virginia, the site is advantageously situated in an emerging growth corridor of Richmond near an abundant interstate highway network.

Park Central is a Master-planned development with excellent infrastructure, extensive landscaping, and strong architectural and quality controls. The park is within 12 minutes of downtown Richmond, 15 minutes of most “West End” locations, 17 minutes of the Richmond International Airport, and 20 minutes of many south side locations.

The site has primary frontage along Park Central Drive, but also has direct access via Scott Road. Park Central Drive is the primary artery of Park Central, and Scott Road is at the rear of the park adjacent to the property which the County of Henrico hopes to develop commercially in the years ahead.

The property provides quick access via Parham Road to a host of restaurants, hotels and banking facilities, all within 5 miles of the site.